Systems and Processes

ERP, CRM, SCM… All systems contain one or more processes regardless of their type. Work Flow application acts as organizer for these systems, and manages the connection between the systems and users.

Open to Changes

Real life is complicated. Solutions for the whole system generally fail, because their management is difficult.

Process based approach facilitates defined, service based, revision procedures. It carries the works from technical plane to business development in the corporate. It provides competitive advantage.

Processes are always open to changes. Their versions are automatically created.

Processes are designed by means of graphic instruments instead of coding.



Primary aim is maximum performance. It enables the application to be scalable during process development and operation.

System follows the processes. Users are not obliged to know the operation of the processes, system itself follows up the works.

In the design;

  • New process design is easy and effortless.
  • Conventional applications are dependent on IT.
  • Corporate determines its processes itself, they are not entailed by the applications.

In the execution;

  • Users are not obliged to know the processes.
  • Users are involved in the decision-making mechanism within the processes.
  • Performance of the users can be monitored, it is open to improvements if required.


  • Processes are operated based on documents.
  • Instead of complicated interfaces, it provides simple, comprehensible, duty-related interfaces.
  • Trace of the processes are maintained.
  • All procedures within the flow are recorded.
  • There is no forgotten, lost, deleted, omitted work.
  • Electronic signature is always available to use.