Medicine Ordering Module

This solution enables Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies to receive online orders from Pharmacy Warehouses or Sales Representatives; and creation of orders over SAP after the approval. Company can enter the orders with its own codes, while Pharmacy Warehouses can place orders by their own codes, it is not necessary to enter the order for the second time, since code pairing is managed by the application accurately. Approval mechanism may be changed as required.

Creation of different orders is ensured by separation according to product characteristics or groups. Thus, medicines with highest priority can be sent to different distribution channels.

Tender Management and Comparison Tracking System

This solution enables Pharmaceutical Companies to manage the prices submitted to participate in Tender, and information of competitive prices.

It enables regular and accurate management, archiving of the data between the Pharmacy warehouses and the corporate.

Approving Mechanism for Product Price Variance

Reflection of price variances of the products in the inventory of the Pharmaceutical Company is provided to the product prices in the SAP system after the approval of due date or corporate discount alteration. Approval processes can be customized according to the corporates.

Updating Process of Product Prices and Fixed Terms

  • Price Variance of By-Products / Cosmetic Products
    You can use this flow to make a change in the price of by-products /cosmetic products.
  • Commercial Discount Variance
    You can use this flow to make a change in the commercial discount value of the products.
  • Human Medicinal Products Price Variance
    You can use this flow to make a change in the price of human medicinal products.
  • Public Institution Discount Variance
    You can use this flow to make a change in the Public Institution discount value of products.
  • Maturity Change
    You can use this flow to change the maturity value of the products.

EBIFlow is an application that is integrated with Microsoft Active Directory system. Also access as Form base Authentication is possible, access to the application can be provided via mobile devices such as IPAD , Ipone.

EBIFlow is developed by using its application infrastructure. Integration of data in SAP system is ensured with EBIFlow. Integration of Customer definitions and Product basic data is provided with the SAP system. It is aimed to send price variances and orders to SAP system after the required approval mechanisms.

Sample Form

Sample Form