Demand received from brokers shall be fulfilled by Institutional Sales, Institutional Operation and U/W departments and resolution process of the demands shall be followed-up by Broker Sales and Operation Request System.

Project shall consist of two primary sections;

  1. Borkers will be able to enter demands over Acente Portal,
  2. Institutional Sales Department will be able to enter demands via Intranet.

Basic purpose of the project is to ensure tracing of the demands of Brokers and their solution in a timely manner.

It will be possible to transmit the requests to be made to the Institutional Operation department and to other job units defined according to the work status by means of a web form to be provided to institutional sales team and brokers. Related form should be filled out properly for the settlement of the request; incomplete forms will be sent to the sales team or brokers with imperfect data code by means of the same flow.

Settlement of the demand will be provided in this platform; those concerned will be informed by e-mail in all stages of the demand. Jobs received may be routed to different departments and individuals accordingly. In case of a timeout, a higher management level will be informed by means of e-mail (Escalation).

Jobs requested over the system can be reported in detail, demands received recently, and continuing and closed demands can be reported in the form of a list within this scope. New reports can be created by realizing additional developments to the existing system reports in case of new reporting requirements.

Broker request form is the form to which they can enter their demands via Acente Portal. Brokers can enter requests with this form, or they can display status of their old requests. Spaces that will be included in the form are identified in order to enter a new request.