Problems Experienced

  • Personnel resource management
  • Management of changes in the transportation schedule
  • Management of operations and processes in the remote points
  • Integration with wireless devices and sub-systems
  • Monitoring of stocks, equipments, vehicles and resource transitions.
  • Integration with GIS applications
  • Continuous communication with the suppliers and clients


  • Creation of multi-stage calendars and sequences for planning and job distribution
  • Supporting process sections with PDA and wireless devices, real time warning systems
  • XML based communication for integration of web services, applications
  • Integration of ERP with GIS database, integration of ERP with stock processes
  • Monitoring of changes made in revision, approval processes and in GIS data
  • Supporting bidirectional communication channels, SMS-Web-PDA-Email
  • Warning systems, automatic communication

Return on Investment

  • Increase in productivity
  • Monitoring of changes in the remote areas and real time compliance
  • Uninterrupted integration
  • Monitoring of changes in the supply chain components
  • Improvement of accuracy of critical GIS data
  • Improvement of cooperation between remote areas and center
  • Instantaneous inventory management